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Personal Trainer Shanna – Eindhoven. The private gym for personal training, food/nutrition coaching and the best mindset. Welcome to my website!



My name is Shanna van Mens and my life purpose is to help people to get into a fit, healthy and happy lifestyle! It’s my greatest passion to work with personal training and coaching in foods and mindset, whatever your goal is. Scroll down to read more about what I can offer you in the most personal gym-studio in Eindhoven!


If you want high-quality personal training to get the best result you are good here! Personal Trainer Shanna is the one you need when you search for a professional trainer, motivator and mental coach who can help you with your personal goals. Getting fitter, stronger or losing weight, feeling healthier or more energized? Feel free to ask for the possibilities!


Personal Trainer Shanna offers you professional coaching in food and nutrition: Everything about healthy eating, food & sports, losing weight, more energy and good-feeling! No diets, but a lifelong healthy lifestyle is what food-expert Personal Trainer Shanna gives you.


In this special personal training program you learn to defend yourself with effective and straight-to-the-point techniques. The training-sessions are always based on realistic situations and can be confronting sometimes. But don’t let that scare you off. Personal Trainer Shanna is a professional and experienced coach who can help you in a great way. Besides the defend techniques, you learn to use your own power and also mentally you become stronger.


Ever heard of HIIT-training? It means High Intensity Interval Training! A complete and very effective workout in just 30 minutes, great for fast results to become fitter, stronger or losing weight. Only one thing: These workouts are VERY intensive. So you need a good basic condition before you start with this personal training sessions. Of course I can help you towards this program. If you dare, contact me now!


Always wanted to train like a fighter? Everyone can do that with Personal Boxing! You don’t need any knowledge or experience. If you do have experience, it’s also fantastic! In a recreational way you learn punching and kicking techniques from diverse martial arts like (kick)boxing, muaythai, karate and taekwondo and use that for an intensive, great workout. It’s motivating, challenging and of course fun! You get more power, flexibility, endurance, coordination and speed. Train like a fighter for that killer body!


With a lot of extra weight it can be even harder to get to the gym. Maybe you are ashamed (what’s not needed!), or scared what other people think. In Personal Trainer Shanna’s private gym in Eindhoven you can totally be yourself and very proud to start your own fit-journey. The gym is always for you and your trainer alone during the personal training and coaching sessions. Personal Trainer Shanna gives you the three most important things you need to achieve your personal goal: professional personal training, coaching in foods and of course in health- and mindset.


Do you feel a lot of stress in your daily life? Maybe this Stress-Release program is something for you! A combination of appropriate training, yoga influences, the right food coaching, and relaxing the mind is what this personal training sessions can give you. Also when you are recovering from a burnout it can help you a lot.

Personal Training & Coaching at home

Do you prefer Personal Trainer Shanna to come to your home or work? That’s no problem! Ask for the possibilities.


Are you interested in coaching or training at Personal Trainer Shanna? Send an email to personaltrainershanna@outlook.com to make an appointment or to ask your questions.